XmlFixture is the class that helps XML assertions in an easy way.




XmlFixture works using JDom, and it can be created from various type of sources using its static factory methods:

XPath Match

After a XmlFixture instance is created, it can be used for XPath matching by calling xpathMatch. This methods will create a XpathMatch object that contains the XPath match result, with the following method:

Please also note that for convenience, the commonly used methods on XpathMatch is also available on XmlFixture.

The following code block illustrates how a typical XML assertion looks like with XmlFixture:

XmlFixture xml = XmlFixture.fromText("<person><address type=\"test\">address value</address></person>");
assertEquals("address value", xml.xpath("/person/address[@type='test']"));
assertEquals(1, xml.xpathCount("/person/address"));

Exception Handling

XmlFixture wraps all the excepion into a RuntimeException so that you don't have to.


The following are the jars that XmlFixture depends on: