About Shane Duan

Shane Duan believes that a successful software project is a project that produce good quality software that the customer needs in a timely fashion. Shane believe that powerful tools and agile practices are the keys to a successful software development project.

With the background of dataabse development, tools development and XP coaching, nowadays Shane is focusing on bringing agile practices into the team, building tools in the open source community. Shane is also contributing the agile community by organizing the BayXP user group, writing blogs on his experiences, and presenting in conferences.


Working for Guidewire, as team lead on Application Framework Team, building shared features among Guidewire insurance products.


Working as a ThoughtWorker, traveling within US and to China for Agile Projects.
Attended role including:


Working on JBuilder. Areas are:

Independent Consultant

Working as an XPdeveloper in Portland, Oregon, 2001, which changed his perspective on the craftsmanship of
Software and he have never turned back since.


As a senior consultant delivering enterprise application using RUP.


A taste of the excitement and craziness of a startup, and the experience of a software project management that raised many questions.


Three years of interacting with Database provided Shane the understanding of relational database that gives his the leverage that he needs
to work with DBA. Shane also picked up PowerBuilder, Shell, and As/400 RPG on the way (not to recommend anyone
to learn them).